Synergy Fabric Swatches (Group C)

LDS05 Venture Sample
LDS07 Fate Sample
LDS74 Affinity Sample
LDS83 Congregate Sample
LDS84 Mutual Sample
LDS82 Likeness Sample
LDS73 Work Sample
LDS66 Fellowship Sample
LDS85 Share Sample
LDS81 Similar Sample
LDS75 Contribution Sample
LDS72 Compose Sample
LDS67 Warmth Sample
LDS86 Global Sample
LDS80 Apt Sample
LDS76 Success Sample
LDS71 Open Sample
LDS68 Collaborate Sample
LDS87 Values Sample
LDS77 Combo Sample
LDS36 Medley Sample
LDS88 Process Sample
LDS79 Amiable Sample
LDS78 Cordial Sample
LDS70 Together Sample
LDS69 Sync Sample
LDS65 Huddle Sample
LDS55 Support Sample
LDS54 Regard Sample
LDS64 Order Sample
LDS56 Kinship Sample
LDS53 Pact Sample
LDS46 Gather Sample
LDS44 Relate Sample
LDS63 Guild Sample
LDS57 Engage Sample
LDS52 Comply Sample
LDS47 Integrate Sample
LDS28 Lateral Sample
LDS58 Family Sample
LDS51 Kindness Sample
LDS48 Interfuse Sample
LDS62 Alike Sample
LDS59 Group Sample
LDS50 League Sample
LDS49 Append Sample
LDS43 Marry Sample
LDS61 Assemble Sample
LDS60 Accord Sample
LDS41 Couple Sample
LDS42 Intertwine Sample
LDS18 Loop Sample
LDS23 Bracket Sample
LDS19 Chain Sample
LDS35 Chemistry Sample
LDS32 Affix Sample
LDS08 Serendipity Sample
LDS22 Frame Sample
LDS33 Tag Sample
LDS16 Partner Sample
LDS20 Level Sample
LDS21 Team Sample
LDS37 Linea Sample
LDS38 Unity Sample
LDS31 Pair Sample
LDS24 Bond Sample
LDS39 Collective Sample
LDS17 Mix Sample
LDS29 Hook Sample
LDS25 Compound Sample
LDS40 Co-operate Sample
LDS26 Bridge Sample
LDS34 Wed Sample
LDS27 Seek Sample

  • Synergy epitomizes natural simplicity. It is a wool rich fabric which is at once both irresistibly soft and ultra-high performing. Delicately felted, with a beautifully relaxed drape, the understated aesthetics showcase the intriguing coloration of this textile. Some colorways are yarn dyed and some are piece dyed. This incredibly durable fabric is great for heavy duty residential end use as well as in a contract environment. The fabric will naturally allow the upholstered pieces to meet the strict criteria for use in public settings.

    Composition: 95% Wool/ 5% Nylon
Certification: EU Ecolabel Certificate, OEKO-TEX 100
    Abrasion: 100,000+ WZ
Upholstery Grade:  Heavy Duty Residential and Contract
Width: 54″
    Weight: 11 3/4 oz/sq. Yard
    Uses: Perfect for upholstery
  • Because dust and dirt cause fabric to wear faster, we recommend vacuuming regularly with an upholstery attachment. An annual professional vapor cleaning will keep your upholstered furniture looking its best. Avoid placing your upholstered furniture in direct sunlight or in front of a gas heater to minimize fading. Dark fabrics and natural fibers like cotton are most susceptible to fading.

    For isolated spots or stains: Blot stains or spills with an absorbent white cloth and distilled water only. Do not rub the stain into the fabric, blot it. If the stain persists, a paste of OxiClean Laundry Baby Stain Soaker and distilled water can be sprinkled on the stain. Gently rub the paste with a dry cloth. Let sit for 10 minutes, then vacuum. If the stain persists after three applications, do not continue. Contact a professional steam cleaner and advise them of the problem as well as the desire to have the fabric cleaned without harsh chemicals. Do not use chlorine-based bleach.

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