Nappa Leather Samples

Schwarz 100 Sample
Happy Monk 182 Sample
Olifant 183 Natural Tone Sample
Belugaweiss 360 Natural Tone Sample
Tara 361 Natural Tone Sample
Walnuss 166 Natural Tone Sample
Valonea 363 Natural Tone Sample
Bahamas Sands 369 Natural Tone Sample
O Sole Mio 266 Sample
Honey 260 Sample
Mango Tango 225 Sample
Nemo 626 Sample
Himbeer 229 Sample
Inka 525 Sample
Feuerrot 321 Sample
Chianti 622 Sample
Baby Rosa 323 Sample
Miss Piggy 226 Sample
Purpur 224 Sample
Lavandua 007 Sample
Campanula 701 Sample
Adonis Blue 107 Sample
Paloma 704 Sample
California Blue 709 Sample
Enzian 700 Sample
Distel 211 Sample
Pisello 219 Sample
Tabalugagreen 216 Sample
Rucola 819 Sample
Waikiki 818 Sample
Karibik 817 Sample
Khaki 215 Sample
Indiansummer 101 Sample
Calvados 844 Sample
Brown Sugar 840 Sample
Brownie 841 Sample
Coconut 848 Sample
Grufti 836 Sample
Castagno 737 Sample
Terra 838 Sample


Ecopell Nappa - is chromium-free and vegetable tanned leather. Its subtle elegant appearance, its pleasant grip and its tart-fresh scent are the result of a manufacturing process which combines traditional tanneries with modern technical procedures. Ecopell uses only heavy metal-free paints. Inputs that harm human and environmental health are not used. Due to the naturalness of Ecopell Nappa, the leather gets a natural patina through light, time and touch. The colors can become brighter or darker over time.

Ecopell thinks that naturalness mustn’t be hidden and that individuality is a sign of quality. That is why its leather  shows marks of an entire cow life and is neither embossed nor sealed with plastics. It is akin to an apple from natural cultivation which differs in individual form and unevenness from that of an industrially produced apple that appears ‘perfect’ but has wax and artificial light manipulating its surface. it is, also, the  same  difference between naturally tanned leather and industrially processed leather. Ecopell leather can scratch and stain. 

Additional test  results and safety data sheets can be found here by clicking on each color. 

 Ecopell leather is sold by the square foot and each hide averages about 60 sq. feet. Each hide is unique. Hides average the equivalent of 3.5 yards of 54" wide upholstery fabric.  So, a 60 sq. ft. hide=$1,170 at $19.50/sq. ft.   On average, using Ecopell leather will increase the price of a piece in grade A fabric  by about 90%. 


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