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Pure Upholstery is the most recent iteration of  my nearly 20 years of experience with non-toxic upholstered furniture, bedding and fabrics with Furnature, Inc, EKLA HOME, Fabricadabra and The Organic Mattress Inc. I've spent 35 years in the textile industry with a focus in home textiles.

John and Diane opened The Organic Mattress Inc in Sudbury MA in 2007 as a purveyor of mattresses and bedding made from organic and natural materials. I've worked with them since 2008 to develop and source inputs and products for their own bedding accessories and mattress lines.  In 2014, they added upholstered furniture made from natural materials by EKLA HOME  (a company which I co-founded in 2008) to their showroom offerings. 

In 2017 Emily Kroll, my dear friend and founder of EKLA HOME ,decided  to pursue her passion for healthy home building and shuttered EKLA HOME.    I used this opportunity to continue to work with The Organic Mattress to make the non-toxic upholstered furniture and we agreed that it merited its own brand.  l launched  it as 'Pure Upholstery' in 2017.  All of the inputs and methods  that I used with EKLA HOME and Furnature are still the same.

I am still passionate about textiles and work with only the healthiest natural fiber upholstery fabrics. This is not easy and not inexpensive. Few exist. I met Patty and Leigh-Anne of (then)Oecotextiles , (now) Two Sisters Ecotextiles in 2006 while they were developing their initial collection. We have worked together since.  They are fierce eco-warriors and I commend them for their trailblazing efforts and tenacity in pursuit of purity. If it weren't for them, all of our sofas would be beige and brown canvas hemp. (I applaud Barbara Filippone for bringing hemp fabrics to the American market decades ago when our country still classified it as a controlled substance. It was removed from the list in December 2018.)

Pure Upholstery is a brand of The Organic Mattress, Inc. and Boston Luxury Beds  which has  3,000 square ft of showroom space in Sudbury MA.  Please reach out to schedule a visit if you expect to be in the area.   

I have immense gratitude for all who have entrusted me through the decades to execute their visions for high quality and non-toxic bedding and upholstery. The world has no shortage of misinformation since the advent of the internet and social media as the new encyclopedias. Sorting through all to make informed decisions can be time consuming, maddening, expensive and, ultimately, a success or failure. Thank you for taking the leap of faith.


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