The Perfect Customizations

It's never been easier to create a custom look. In addition to choosing from over 50 sustainable fabrics, you can also add the following customizations:

  • Rubio Monocoat Leg Finishes: Choose from five finish colors for your legs (free)
  • Welting: Piping in same fabric as the upholstery, sewn at the seams.
  • Button back tufing: Tufting on tight back cushions, held in place with a fabric covered button. 
  • Mid-centry legs: Tapered leg designs, a hallmark of mid-century furniture. Available in a variety of wood species. 
  • Metal legs: Beautiful contemporary legs in a range of metals and finishes.

  • We're here for you. If you feel like you're getting hung up in the details, don't hesitate to reach out. Please call (978) 440-8211 during business hours or email us anytime. We're all about chatting.

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