+Does the upholstered furniture come with any warranties?

Your upholstered pieces come with a lifetime warranty on the frame & springs and a 7 year warranty on cushion filler although the cushion cores should remain buoyant for about 20 years.


+Am I able to return my items?

No. We do not accept returns of pieces, as all pieces are custom hand made pieces that are commissioned for you, the individual client. However, we do assume responsibility for repairing or replacing any pieces that are defective or damaged in transit (and signed for as such upon delivery). We always work with clients to satisfy them in terms of comfort.

+What happens if I am allergic to any ingredient?

We always recommend that people who have sensitivities or potential allergies request and test each individual ingredient prior to placing an order. We will gladly supply the ingredients. Upholstery cannot be returned due to an allergic reaction.

Order Changes or Cancellations

+Can I make a change or cancel my order?

Please see our Furniture Terms and Conditions for questions regarding order changes and cancellations.


+What do I need to be aware of with respect to my furniture delivery? 

Please see our Furniture Terms and Conditions for an overview of delivery and how to inspect for shipment damage and guidance on refusing a delivery if there is any damage.


+Can I change the length of a sofa or loveseat?

Yes. Since we make the frames ourselves, we can make pieces longer or shorter. There are certain considerations regarding cushion sizes for pieces with multiple loose seat and/or back cushions. Please contact us regarding pricing for each piece.

+Can I raise or lower the seat height?

Yes. If we achieve it by making the legs shorter or longer, then there is seldom an upcharge. If you want the same leg height, we will work together to create an ergonomically desirable comfort level for a person of the average height. Consider this when increasing or decreasing either measurement.

+Can I customize the collection pieces?

Aside from fabric and stain finish choice, we can add or remove welting, button tufting and sometimes change leg style. Let us know what you have in mind, and we will assess feasibility and determine the upcharge, if any. We can often add or subtract a cushion as desired. Adding welting, button tufting, including button back tufting, will likely require an upchage. Some leg styles can be changed without an upcharge. Mid-century or metal legs require an upcharge.

+Can you make a completely custom upholstered furniture piece?

Yes, we can! Keep in mind that we specialize in fully upholstered pieces. So, pieces with an all-exposed wood frame and/or intricately carved wood are not our specialty. The price for custom pieces reflects the estimated labor and materials to make them and a $200 fee for a CAD three-dimensional perspective drawing, to be approved by you, the customer. Please email us with an image or drawing of what you would like with as much detail regarding lengths and other desired measurements, and we'll send you a price quote. Please be mindful though that this is like making a prototype that we will likely never make again. The labor hours involved will far exceed those of our collection pieces and they are priced accordingly.


+Can you make a sofa without any wool?

We have experimented with wrapping the natural latex rubber with organic cotton batting and have been unhappy with the short and long term results. Although organic cotton batting costs about 1/3 of the price of wool, the organic cotton batting compresses or mats quickly. The organic cotton batting also pulls apart when it is pulled to cover the piece’s body and cushions. So, it is not uniform in thickness and starts to looks as though it isn’t. We can use needle punched organic cotton to wrap the piece’s body and use organic batting over the back cushions, but the cushions just are not as comfortable as cushions made with wool in the long-term due to compression of the cotton.

+Why are some of your ingredients sourced outside the U.S.?

Whenever it is possible to source an ingredient domestically, we choose that option. Unfortunately, some raw materials simply aren’t available in the States. This is the situation with the natural rubber, hemp and kapok fibers. We are continually experimenting with raw materials to determine the feasibility of using them based on performance, sustainably, purity and carbon footprint reduction. However, we cannot compromise on quality for an investment product such as our pieces are.

+What happens if I am allergic to any ingredient?

We always recommend that people who have sensitivities or potential allergies request and test each individual ingredient prior to placing an order. We will gladly supply the ingredients for testing. We understand that although we are using natural and organic ingredients that a very small percentage of people do have allergies to some ingredients or fiber content in upholstery fabric. Upholstered furniture cannot be returned due to an allergic reaction.

Flame Retardants & Flammability 

+Does your furniture have chemical flame retardants?

No. We do not use chemical flame retardants. 

Production Lead Time

+What is the lead time to produce the furniture?

It fluctuates. 10 weeks is the standard lead time. If fabric or another component is on backorder, we will inform you as soon as we are informed and give you options. Orders do come through faster at certain times. We do not offer discounts if an ingredient is backordered and the lead time is lengthened as a result. This rarely happens.

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