Pure Upholstery Solid hardwood framein process

The upholstery fabrics feature only beautiful natural fiber fabrics that meet my high standards for sustainability, durability, purity and cleanability. All are either Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified, Oeko-tex 100 and/or EU Ecolabel certified.  No topical treatments and flame retardants. I pay a premium for the fabrics that I offer. It makes no sense to offer non-toxic ingredients and to blow it with inexpensive conventionally processed synthetic fiber upholstery fabrics that are toxic. (Most conventional fabrics and leather are processed with highly toxic inputs.)

GOLS Certified Organic Latex

I use resilient, chemical flame retardant free, Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) certified organic latex rubber in our cushions and to wrap our solid hardwood frames. The natural rubber is produced using sap from rubber trees that are sustainably harvested. All natural latex rubber can remain supportive and bouyant for decades. The firmer the density, the longer the life.

Solid Wood Frames and Legs

I use responsibly sourced, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, solid poplar or alder wood for our frames and legs. We do not use engineered wood, composite wood, or particle board. Only honest-to-goodness,  hardwood.

Organic Wool
I use organic wool in our upholstery as opposed to synthetic battings. Both needle punched organic wool sheets and organic wool batting. Our organic wool comes from sheep raised in New Zealand and is certified organic by Oregon Tilth and GOTS. It's also processed in the US. While wool is more expensive than synthetic fibers, we think it's well worth the investment. We especially love it because it's naturally flame resistant, cushiony, dust mite resistant and biodegradable!  Our quarter tacked wool is 500 grams/m2 and is wrapped around all of the organic latex cushions. The organic wool batting goes over the organic latex in the bodies and arms. These pieces use quite a bit of wool.
Organic Cotton Canvas Barrier Cloth
I use an undyed organic cotton canvas barrier cloth, made in the USA from organic cotton grown in the USA, to create a double upholstery layer beneath the outer fabric. This canvas layer secures natural wool fibers and ensures that they don't migrate through the outer fabric. This canvas covering also encases the cushion materials, allowing them to stay together perfectly when the outer fabric covers are removed for cleaning.

Recycled Steel Springs

I use sinuous springs of the highest quality and heaviest gauge steel for the best support, comfort and long-lasting durability. They are made from recycled steel, as all steel is recycled these days. Any piece can be made using the eight-way hand-tied springs for a labor up-charge. However, high quality sinuous springs last, unlike low quality ones. Even Consumer Reports agreed. Eight way hand tied is no longer synonymous with comfort or high quality. I think we have been sullied by the race to the bottom with poor quality springs and fast furniture.

Rubio Monocoat Natural Leg Finish

I use only Rubio Monocoat Natural Oil Plus 2C Finish on our solid wood legs. It is the leading plant-based, environmentally responsible, sustainable, nonpolluting, durable wood finish. It's the best we've seen over our many years of experience! 

Simalfa Adhesive

Simalfa water-based adhesive is not organic. It is Greenguard Gold certified (which addresses air quality only). I use this to adhere the organic wool to the organic latex so that the wool doesn't shift and clump over time. It is the most benign adhesive option that works to date.  Please see the technical data sheet for this product.


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