My Promise

We promise transparency, honesty and ongoing communication.

W offer current certifications for our ingredients.

We work with two factories and their highly skilled and experienced owners with whom I have worked for over 15 years each. We do not own a manufacturing facility. We work directly with consumers and the design trade. Our margins prohibit us from selling through retailers although we have our own retail showroom with upholstered pieces on display.

For those familiar with the process of making of custom furniture, rest assured that we endeavor to make the process as streamlined as can be. We don't belabor the process.  However, humans sometimes get sick and take vacations, unlike machines and computers.

The pandemic has created challenges that have extended our lead times, primarily due to shortages of skilled labor  and kiln-dried hardwoods. The previously extended in-transit times have shortened.

The skilled labor shortage is an industry wide challenge and it is not unique to our company.  Custom upholstery manufacturers across the country are dealing with thee same issues. Many orders are taking six months to process due to a shortage of frame makers and overcapacity of orders . The process would move faster if we agreed to using plywood produced by a CNC machine. We have not capitulated at this time.

If you choose to work with us currently then you have to exercise patience. Interior designers understand this and the challenges, but consumers sometimes do not. We have declined to accept more orders than we have accepted over the past two years  as there is no joy for any party to disappoint or be disappointed.  Please know that we will not compromise on our quality, craftsmanship and ingredients to churn out product.

Pure Upholstery is a division of The Organic Mattress, Inc and I am speaking on behalf of our our small group.

With Gratitude,

Donna Halloran




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