Noddingham- The ideal organic kid's mattress for parents.

December 16, 2022

Noddingham- The ideal organic kid's mattress for parents.

Back in 2018,  we developed a  private label mattress  line  for The  Organic Mattress, Inc.  that  sold extremely well for  people who  had  the opportunity  to come into our showroom to try  them. There  were  three models: Noddingham,  Bliss  and Nirvana. The  Noddingham was specifically   designed for  growing  children as they transition  into full growns. The   goal  was  to create a medium/firm,  but  not  rock hard, mattress  that  has  cushioning on  top with good  support.  One  of the comments that most adults  who came into our showroom made was  that  the  organic children's mattresses in the market felt rock hard and as though there were no comfort  padding. They  would go on to  say that they had to share these mattresses with their  children  on  occasion and they were very  uncomfortable.

So, we tested  a couple kids' organic  mattresses  from a  major  manufacturer  that   had weigh limits  and shorter warranties than  the adult mattresses and fully agreed that they were rock  hard and barely felt like  mattresses. We then tested the two opening price point models for adults and, although  were not as hard, they seemed to be lacking in terms of  quality for the  price. We decided to  try to value engineer the company's best selling  model . We  eliminated all of the customization options, but kept the combination of individually pocketed coils  and organic latex with the  organic  wool and quilted organic cotton ticking. We chose  a  6" base  of  pocketed coils and 3" of medium density organic latex with a stretch knit organic cotton jacquard ticking. People loved it.  We then spun   up the same combo of ingredients  into the Nirvana, but made  Nirvana with  an 8" base of pocketed coils in either firm or plush  coils  that is solidly a mattress for adults that  can accommodate more  weight. People loved the feel, purity and price point of our Noddingham and Nirvana.  They  were  made Fall River Massachusetts and had a one week lead time to make.   We were rocking and rolling.

When the pandemic  and quarantine shut us  down,   here in  MA,  two  simultaneous events occurred.  Demand for mattresses skyrocketed  since   people were   home around  the clock  and many skilled laborers decided to retire,  resign  or take  full advantage of the  federal and state unemployment benefits.  So the manufacturing facility  that  was making our mattresses had unprecedented  demand  with  a shortage of laborers. Our small organic program had  to  be terminated by them to concentrate on their  core  business. We were  very disappointed,  but understood the situation.

The  mill owner reached back  out to us  in late Spring 2022 after buying a larger facility and said that they could, once  again, take  on  our organic  program. However,  since  they had all new people, we had to  roll  it out anew.  After a few months  of  receiving  and tweaking prototypes,  we had all three mattress models  and the Cloud 3"  organic latex  topper on the floor and ready  to sell again as  of November 1.

Priced at $1180 for  a Twin, the Noddingham should  last 20 years  if cared for   properly  (no jumping!) and easily accommodates the transition of a child from toddlerhood to  full grown. The added benefit is  that parent  who have to  spend some nights   with  a   child will  sleep soundly on  this very cozy  and substantial mattress.   For people   who  have   the opportunity to try this  kid to  adult  mattress  in our showroom after  testing the other  kids' options,  I'd be  very surprised   if this  one  doesn't  make  the  most  sense  for   purity, comfort, longevity and  price.

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