Yes, we can make a slipcover for your upholstered seating. The price depends upon the piece and and length as well as fabric. Some upholstery fabrics are impractical as slipcovers due to their weight and inability to be washed. Winthrop is an ideal fabric and is preshrink. Orcas is too heavy.

We can make tailored slipcovers as shown in the Tom sofa picture or loose slipcovers. We upholster the piece in undyed organic cotton canvas and make the slipcover in the fabric that you choose. Inquire for pricing. Prices below are opening price points for slipcover labor upcharge only. We make slipcovers only at the time that we are making the upholstered piece since we drape and cut the fabric. We do not make them at another time without the piece against which we fit the slipcover. However, you can purchase fabric and have someone else  geographically close to you make a slipcover. 

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